One of the Hottest trends in monolithic flooring is Metallic Epoxy.  Metallic Pigments are blended into 100% Solids clear epoxy.   We then spread out the epoxy and as it self-levels, the metallic pigments blend and create a deep 3D visual effect.  

Metallic epoxy looks a lot like traditionally Acid Stained floors, but has a 'depth' that stained floor can't equal.

We Grind the surface, clean it and let dry overnight.  We apply a complimentary colored base coat and let that dry.  The Metallic coat is applied and allowed to self level.  The final coat is a clear polyaspartic or Urethane which provides protection and enhances the depth of the floor.

Metallic Epoxy Reflector Floors

Polished & Stained Concrete, Metallic Epoxy and Overlays

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