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Acid Stain:

          Acid Stain is not a paint or coating agent - it is a coloring process involving a chemical reaction on a cementitious material. 

A solution made with water, acid and inorganic salts reacts with minerals already present in the concrete; the result of this reaction

is color.


     Acid Stains give concrete a mottled, variegated, marble-like look.  Never expect Acid Stain to be uniform or have an even tone, 

there will be different reactions from slab to slab, and even on the same job there may be different coloration patterns. Variations of

colors and mottling are to be expected and enjoyed.  It is the unique random coloration of the stain that gives an Acid Stained floor

it's charm.   There is a page for Stained Interior Concrete, Stained Exterior Concrete and a page for Micro Finish Overlays as well as

a brief information guide about each style.


     In addition to the beauty, ease of maintenance and the benifit of a dust free surface, Stained Concrete is also a Flood-Resistant

surface.  This means that if your home suffers water damage, all you need do is clean the mess and apply a new coat of wax and the

floor is looking good again.  There is no huge mess of soggy carpet or pads to clean out. 


     Acid Stain can be done on Existing Concrete if it is in Good shape.  If the concrete is deteriorated, a Micro-Finish or Micro Coating coating will provide

a new surface that will rival steel power-troweled concrete.  Information on how Acid Stain works can be found on the About Acid Stain page. 

There is also a guide for your builder located on the Builder Information PageYou can also find out how to maintain your Acid Stained Floor or

Decorative Concrete surface on the Care and Maintenance page.  You can get an idea of the Overlay process on the How is it done? page.


The Thumbnails Below lead to seperate photo galleries.





     Acid Stained Interior Concrete                                        Acid Stained Exterior Concrete                                  Micro Finish Interior Overlay











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