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Stained By Design LLC is a Provider of Acid Stain Floors and Decorative Concrete Overlay products that will enhance the beauty of your existing concrete - Specializing in Custom Interior Floors.  We are a fully insured company serving the greater Acadiana area of Louisiana but will also travel throughout Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are also available to travel Nationally for large or commercial projects.  Don't live with plain ugly concrete.

Stained By Design can create a custom concrete hardscape just for you.



     You can view pictures of our work and get a description of each style by clicking the buttons on the  Left side or the underlined Text.  Homeowners, Builders and Businesses are tired of plain gray concrete.  The solution is a Decorative Concrete Overlay or Acid Stained Concrete.  Our products include Thin Stamped Overlay, Acid Stain, Texture ApplicationsFaux Slate/Tile, Custom Logos, Custom Interior Floors, and Epoxy Coatings.  Custom Interior Floors may be of any style and the Epoxy Coatings may be a clear coating on an interior floor or colored when used in commercial applications.  Our work can Improve Curb Appeal, Form, Function and Enhance the Architectural Beauty of existing concrete surfaces.  Concrete floors are great if you want to cut down on dust in your home.  Polished Concrete is also available for the utimate low maintenance floor or for commercial applications.


     Distinguish your Special Project by using a Custom Flooring Solution from Stained By Design.  Imagine getting a 24-Inch, 36-Inch or 48-inch Tile look for about the cost of an 18-Inch traditional tile.  The customer is able to have a unique floor because the material is applied as a solid is seamless until the pattern is scored.  After the pattern is scored, it is stained for your desired look.  Commercial Quality Sealer options add unmatched durability and ease-of-maintenance to the entire project.  Patios, Entrances and Pool Decks can be enhanced.  Commercial/Industrial Quality Epoxy coatings are also available in colored versions.  You can get a description of the Decorative Overlay process by clicking the How is it done? button.  Enjoy the site and contact us with any questions.



Certified Installers of:                                                                     

Elite Crete Systems -  GraniTite coatings -  Flex-C-Ment products -


     We invite you to explore our site and see the many ways that Decorative Concrete overlays can exceed your custom flooring expectations. Our ability to provide a one-of-a-kind surface for your area is only limited by your imagination.   Visit our Acid Stained Concrete Information Blog.



Got Ugly Concrete? ...........Got Ugly Carpet? ..........


Call Stained By Design.


     Don't forget to visit the About Acid Stain page for details on how Acid Stain makes color. 

The Builder Information page has pointers to ensure your concrete slab is suitable for an Acid Stain finish.  The Care & Maintenance page has instructions for the care of your Interior or Exterior Acid Stained floor or Decorative Concrete Overlay.

The Projects page features work done at Commercial, Retail or Public locations.







Searching the Internet for a qualified contractor for your Decorative Concrete needs may bring up sites that are out of your area.  If we are not in your service area, click the Links button on any page and look for a certified Elite Crete contractor in your area.  These people listed are providers of Decorative Concrete, Acid Stained Concrete, Concrete Overlays, Concrete Resurfacing, Custom Interior Floors, and Epoxy Coatings.  Click their link, look at their work and give them a call.  You can also find links to Louisiana and Cajun websites.




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